the ethnic theory of plan crashes from ‘Outliers’

07 Feb

malcolm gladwell’s latest brilliance in the form of a book is called Outliers, and it delves into what makes successful people, successful people. it really is a good read and there are several threads of discussion and one of them deals with plane crashes as a function of the communication between pilots and air traffic control in the context of cultural levels of deference. what i found fascinating are the different levels gladwell talks about and it got me thinking about how this applies to teachers and students. if gladwell is correct, and in this case i believe he is, then the different cultural norms of teachers and students will dictate how they act and how they expect others to act in terms of deferring power. how smoothly will a classroom function if these ideas of deference don’t match up? we continue to talk about the value of a multicultural classroom and i think this is one area that should not be overlooked.

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