why i’m not a consultant

09 Feb

i picked up a new book over the weekend and i am fascinated. the book is titled ‘the back of the napkin’ and i’m certain i’ll write more about the book when i finish it in the next day or two, but the profession of the author got me thinking. dan roam, the author, is a professional consultant and much of his book is about the stories of him being called in to help out an individual or company so that they could become better/more profitable/etc. dan roam walks into the room and audience wants his help and is looking forward to him helping them find direction. as a professional developer i don’t always have that luxury. in fact, when i enter the room i am usually acutely aware that many of the people in that room don’t see the need for what i have to offer. that is not to say that at the end of the a change hasn’t taken place, and perhaps dan roam deals with that on some occasions as well. i would like to think that teachers that come to professional learning experiences also want to become better and more efficient educators, but i’m not sure that is always the case. what this means to me is that my approach needs to be one of a different nature than that of a consultant, even thought at the end of the day i see us doing a very similar job.

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One response to “why i’m not a consultant

  1. htate

    February 13, 2009 at 12:54 am

    It’s all about the “hook”. If the teachers do not see revelence or their interests are not peeked within the first ten minutes, then they shut off and pull out their stack of papers to grade.


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