made to stick

12 Feb

‘made to stick’ is the book that i’m currently reading and it is very much an idea that was grown out of malcom gladwell’s book titled ‘the tipping point’. gladwell uses the term “stickiness” in terms of ideas, and this book pays respect to that book, but differentiates their goal of not only talking about sticky ideas, rather they are looking at what makes ideas sticky and what you can do to make your idea stick. the book is written by a pair of brothers and one was in midst of educational research before writing this book, so there is a strong thread connected to teachers and students. i’m early into the book, but with that amount of content a teachers is asked to cover, i’m interested in what they are going to suggest teachers use. there are several aspects of sticky ideas and the first is simplicity. they don’t use simple in a way that ,means easy to understand necessarily, but more in that it is stripped down to the core. they use southwest airlines as an example that had a core idea (being THE low-price airline) and used it to guide every decision they made as a company, who just happens to be one of the most profitable. intersting stuff, and i look forward to the reading.

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