i sense a contradiction

13 Feb

i saw a man wearing a yellow LIVESTONG bracelet, smoking a cigarette. let me say that again, a man wearing a LIVESTRONG bracelet was smoking a cigarette. am i the only person that sees a problem here? he was wearing, arguably, the most recognizable symbol of any organization that raises funds and campaigns for finding a cure for cancer and he was doing this while inhaling cancer causing toxins into his body. while i respect his boldness, something is clearly amiss. as a teacher i remember some of my colleagues who were very much of the mindset ‘do as i say, not as i do’, and in middle school kids see through that in a minute. hypocrisy needs also be the concern of a professional developer. it’s very easy to advocate for certain methods, but then not model them yourself. i’m not asking professional developers to treat teachers like students, and that does happen, rather i’m asking them to make use of the sound strategies we champion.

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One response to “i sense a contradiction

  1. htate

    February 14, 2009 at 2:11 am

    I struggle with this exact same mindset when I train teachers. As teachers, we insist that our students exhibit mutual respectful, pay attention, and participate. So naturally, when I became a trainer, I assumed that teachers would model what they teach. Paradoxically, every training, I have teachers who talk on their phone, text constantly, grade papers, slip out early, have people sign in or out for them, surf the internet on their laptop, and refuse to participate. This revelation has been difficult for me to grasp or accept. I have to tell myself, that they ARE adults, and they have free will, BUT then the hypocrisy starts to seeps through. My goal as a professional developer is to learn how to handle this “do as I say, not as I do” mindset, and not take their actions personally. What has helped me is taking a global picture of my training, and if 98% are actively engaged and embracing learning, then those few that don’t, I shouldn’t let them ruffle my feathers. Does anyone else deal with this? Will this feeling go away after years of training? Is it even worth addressing?


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