the danger of expectations

14 Feb

i think setting attainable goals is nearly an art form. most people learn, at some point, that setting goals and working towards their achievement is an achievement in and of itself. when i think about it, educators could very well be seen as professional goal setters. not only are they responsible for setting goals for themselves but they are the guardian of the goals of their students. goal setting continues to be all the rage, pundits advocate for students to set their own goals, however teachers will always hold the trump card, if you will, for students meeting them. creating the opportunity to set goals is the easy part, its creating a class environment that fosters the efforts toward reaching those goals is the hard part. are goals that were too easy to achieve satisfying? can you ever find joy in not meeting a goal? when/if you come up short of a goal, other than shrugging it off, how do you deal with it? i think the danger of expectations is what failing to meet them can do to people.

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