the curse of knowledge

18 Feb

its a phrase that they use in ‘made to stick’ that refers to the problem some people have understanding and communicating to people that lack the learning they have already acquired. i find it fascinating…and so true. it’s also been described as once you’ve learned something, it is impossible to unlearn it. could it be true that the more you know about something, the more familiar you are with the intricacies of a topic then the more difficult it is to convey the basics? you see where i’m going here, right? teachers are often masters of their topics, particularly in high school. this being the case, does this pose a challenge when teaching the basic or concrete of the subject matter? i did a quick google search and this term is all over the place! apparently i was a bit late on this one. how does this play out in terms of our roles as professional developers? how can teachers manage a classroom when their students will all become cursed with a particular piece of knowledge at different times?

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