20 Feb

do you find it hard to work with people who operate at different speeds? heck, do you find it hard to communicate with people who operate at a different speed than you? i make no claim that faster is better or slower is the more desirable approach, but i think it is a valid concern when a team of people are operating at different speeds and trying to complete a task. often the people who prefer to work at 45 mph have a hard time relating to the people who are wired to run at 120 mph. i certainly see the need for both types, and i admire those who are able to rev the engine when necessary and keep it idling when called for as well. in my long and illustrious (cough, cough) career as an educator, i have worked with teachers and student that operate at their own speed, so i have to wonder what happens when we ask the 1982 AMC Gremlin to go 95 mph? is the job going to get done? will it make it there with all their parts? ditto for the converse. i’d be curious who gets more frustrated, if it ever comes to that, which group appreciates the other and which group is more tolerant? i realize the thrust this year is ‘slow down to speed up’, so which part of that is the easiest to ignore?

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  1. Denise

    February 23, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    the title caught my eye….mph–hmmm…speed…driving…i thought to myself…where is dan going with this….then i read the reflection and realized what was being written is what i have thought for years….i think it is all a matter of perspective and who is reflecting on this thought….i respect the fact that those that run on idle do get frustrated with us “speedy gonzales” worker bees……however, on the flip side….when you are use to going fast and work is dependent on many styles, it can be frustrating for those of us who tend to move a bit quicker…..over the years i have seen many individuals frustrated with me personally b/c they think that i work too fast, so i have come to the realization that there will be times when i must slow down —but never at the expense of quality…..


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