embrace the oddity

27 Feb

it was such a beautiful day, i decided to pick my son up from extended day with the jogging stroller. i didn’t think much of it as i got squared away and started towards the school, but it became evident that running with an empty jogging stroller is a bit outside the norm. the looks i got were akin to the type i would receive if i were walking a pet elephant. i got chuckles, frowns, double takes (my favorite), and even looks of disgust. after a few i decided to respond with a comment like “i’m going to fill it up” or “it will be occupied soon” and then the look turned into a smile. it did get me thinking, when people step outside what is expected they are often met with negativity. my very simple explanation in the form of a quip made it all good, but it took just a little something on my part. when teachers and professional developers find a way of doing something that is outside what is expected, instead of succumbing to the ‘looks’ you might receive, perhaps all it would take is a quick word to put people at ease. as we all look to embark in the many changes that any profession is bound to take, in the name of progress and best practices, it might help to be prepared for the reaction to your empty stroller.

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