how do you get your news?

01 Mar

in our culture of “me first” it’s no surprise that the way we get our news has changed. i don’t know of many people who actually take in the newspaper everyday and rely on that to get their news. if anything, they have other uses for what is delivered to their house. maybe they want the coupons, maybe they like the comics – although both are readily available online usually. if i were to hazard a guess i would say that most get their news from television. CNN, FOX News, etc. are what people turn to when they hear something is going on, they don’t patiently wait until the next day to see what is in the paper. feed aggregators is what i use to get my news and it is updated constantly. the websites and blogs that are of interest to me are instantly fed to my home page where i have access whenever i log on. no longer do i have to wait for the paper to arrive in the morning or wait until the piece on fashion at the grammy’s is over to find out what is happening in the world. further, i don’t have to surf around to blogs and websites that i enjoy looking for new content, i am alerted immediately. add the function of most smart phones to access this same information and i’m in charge of what i know. it’s not that i’m constantly online looking at blogs and such, as some of my colleagues would propose. it’s that when i get online i can know if a very efficient manner what is new content where i might be interested. but there is a catch. what if i’m not subscribing to the right feeds? what if there is something better out there? generationally speaking, i remember my dad getting the paper and reading through it on the weekends. what does my son think when he sees me open my laptop after breakfast on sunday to check the news? the younger generations may never use the same modes of media as we did when we were younger, and in many ways we are not understanding that. the ban on technology is a narrow view of what technology is used for.


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2 responses to “how do you get your news?

  1. Jeri Cook

    March 1, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    I’m still having a problem canceling my newspaper suscription. I pay a minimal fee and every once in a while I still read it from cover to cover. You can stil find a story or two that you won’t find any where else. But many days it sits on the garage floor until I bundle them all up to drop at the recylcing bin on Friday. My grandparents and parents were avid readers and I suppose it’s tradition that keeps me from canceling. With many newspapers going belly up across the country, I also feel I’m along with many others keeping somebody employed just a little bit longer. Interestingly, there is now a box on the bill that encourages tipping for the delivery person.
    Online subscriptions are great, but I too question my choices. I’m revisiting my feeds to make some better selections.

  2. Janice D.

    March 2, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    I think getting news on the internet is great – saves on paper, less trees cut, easy access plus I get to read different views on the story anytime. Best of all it’s FREE!


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