turf wars

23 Mar

there is a book i just started reading that deals with silos. not in the conventional sense, but in the business sense. apparently silos are meant to represent lack of communication and an absence of common goals. in this scenario you have divisions working towards their own goals as opposed to common understandings and progress. do schools fall into this same trap? how about school administrators? i’m not sure that communication is going to cure a problem with silos in a given workplace, but i’m guessing that it doesn’t hurt. when we start to feel like we are in isolation it’s easy to build walls to protect yourself and your own interests. the longer you do it, the bigger, stronger, and taller those walls get and eventually, while it may look like you’re still working in a cubical, you’ve actually got yourself a silo. so many people are looking for a “why” when it comes to blogging and i assert that departmental professional blogging can be an effective silo killer, or at the very least delay their construction. keeping communication open and letting your colleagues know what is important to you is a sure way to better understand who you work with.


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2 responses to “turf wars

  1. Denise

    March 26, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    oh, i have so much to say about this…i was reluctant to read your comment b/c i am about to read the book. you have sparked my interest even further about the topic. it is one that schools often talk about…hence the “birth” of PLC’s?!?!? My question is always the same….what can be done? I believe the lack of communication within schools, departments, etc., stems from leadership and also individuals uncomfortable with truly communicating.

    i cant wait to read the book because i have so many questions about communication. i think i am a fairly good communicator, however i know that there are times when i am fearful [for a lack of a better word] of doing so, especially in the workplace. why? is it because some people are more open to communication and some not? i dont like to feel like i am walking on eggshells….i dont want walls going up….i dont want to be in a silo…but if you [me] are ready and willing to put yourself out there to make your workplace less of a silo, how can you get others to take part in bringing down those walls? perhaps the book will answer some of my questions…….perhaps some of you will…..perhaps it is those blogs [as dan suggests]??????

  2. D Greenberg

    March 27, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    the book has a formula for how to overcome silos, but i don’t think its the only way. i look forward to talking more with you after you have read it.


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