31 Mar

i’ve been reading ‘tribes’ by seth godin, and it hasn’t really agreed with me. i keep trying, but it just seems a bit over the top for what i like to read. having said that, it is not devoid of some interesting pieces, one being the following.

a crowd is a tribe without a leader
a crowd is a tribe without communication

not exactly aristotle, but it got me thinking. how many ‘crowds’ so we deal with on a daily basis? how many of those crowds could really accomplish something if they were galvanized in some way? judging from what godin says, once a leader and a system of communication is set in place, that crowd has the potential to move to a tribe and tribes are capable of all sorts of things. i find it a bit ironic that technology is viewed by many as connecting us all, whereas this book talks about using those global, mutual connections to form tribes, thus separating ourselves. it’s kind of nice in a backwards kinds of way.

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One response to “tribes

  1. karen vanek

    April 7, 2009 at 8:08 am

    So what’s global becomes tribal through blogging? Wiki’s? Interesting perspective.


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