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01 Apr

so we’ve covered blogs (more than some would have liked i suspect), now it’s time for podcasts 🙂  the blogging revolution in our division seems to be close to running its course.  those of us who embrace the idea and those of us who just aren’t in for it.  is there a time period that needs to pass?  is a month long enough?  i was out for a run this afternoon and i was listening to a podcast of a conversation between Joseph Finder and Malcolm Gladwell.  both are acclaimed authors and they were talking about themes in their books.  it was neat to hear them talk not only about their own works, but the others as well.  it was a wonderful way to spend my run, listening to two great minds, and i would hope learning a bit about perspective and the work of an author.  most of my weekday runs call for music to be pulsed through my earbuds, but wednesday is the day that i take it easy and enjoy a podcast.  today is a perfect example of something that i’m REALLY glad i listened to, but i doubt i would have read it had it been available in print form.  if you’ve not found a few podcasts, then your missing something.  many non-readers use time as an excuse to not be well read, podcasts don’t allow that excuse to hold much water.  name a subject, name a topic, name a publication, name a person and there is probably a podcast for/about/by them.  indulge.

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