the beauty of immunity

06 Apr

my wife and i have a running joke, that when you are in the airport you have total reading immunity – meaning you can read whatever you want and not suffer any judgmental consequences.  oh, you wanted to pick up People, Us, National Enquirer?  have at it 🙂  it’s wonderful really, and quite liberating.  hey, i’m not saying i’m picking up those titles, but i get it.  we stumbled upon a new one this past weekend, that being the road trip snack loop hole.  we figure you can get whatever you want to eat because you’re on a car ride, although i’m fairly certain there is a mileage disclaimer on this one, need to do a bit of research.  somewhere there exists a mileage to snack ratio chart that we could consult. it really is wonderful when you can just let yourself indulge and i don’t think we do it enough.  in moderation (key) it’s healthy to let yourself stop worrying about everything else.  i’m sure i could find someone official and well credentialed who would back me up on this one.  does an airport store attendant count?

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One response to “the beauty of immunity

  1. karen vanek

    April 7, 2009 at 7:53 am

    We used to call road snacking “geedunks.” I remember my favorite being peanut butter crackers and a soda. With four kids in the back of my dad’s car, and a tight family budget, we still felt the celebratory nature of road trip snacking. It totally doesn’t count against you as a healthy person. In fact, I think it adds to the bonding nature of traveling.


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