all you have to do is look around

28 Apr

i had the good fortune of taking a 5 mile run this morning along the canal path and walkways of georgetown university and aside from terrific morning and great way to start my day something struck me. i’m a guy who loved college, everything about the way campuses are set up, kind of the small world within a world that students enjoy. among the impressive buildings how can you aviod embracing a feeling of studiousness? i wanted to delve into some sort of study! perhaps it was just an overwhelming sense of nostalgia – i loved college and i wouldn’t trade my time there for anything, and it was more than just the academic discourse.  it was a feeling i got when i walked around the oval.  while we aren’t all going to to set up our classrooms and offices in the same manner, there is something undeniable about environment. or maybe i just like old buildings.  either way we owe it to ourselves to set up learning environments in a way that invites academic conversation and not just in contrived ways.


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3 responses to “all you have to do is look around

  1. Jeri

    April 28, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    I too loved college life. There’s also something about experiencing Georgetown that brings back the best memories of the “university”experience. It’s something about the whole essence of a college campus, the halls of academia, hanging out on the cuts, the professors you’ll never forget, the friends you made for life–and for me-hooking up with a really cool dude that hangs out with me at the crib.

  2. Heather Tate

    April 29, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    I loved college also. My first goal was to be an English Lit. Professor, then I interned for one, and realized that it was more about publishing than teaching. I love the smell of knowledge that a campus produces and the sense of endless opportunities that education can bring. When you are on a college campus, anything seems possible.

  3. karen vanek

    May 5, 2009 at 10:16 am

    I too loved college, but beginning as a freshman at 42 with three children and a husband I had a slightly different perspective. College for me was a long anticipated gift, a treasure I never thought would be offered to me at my late age.
    I too treasured every moment of learning, interacting, and growing. It reawakened my potential to grow and to nurture others because of the inspiration and vigor I gained. Before, I actually would tear up when I went on college campuses wishing I were there. Forever after, I glow inside when I touch the hallowed grounds of any college campus, knowing the gift I was given and have been able to share with others still burns brightly.


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