my window seat

29 Apr

what’s worse than being trapped inside an airplane, sitting in a window seat, with not enough leg room?  answer: when the plane isn’t even moving.  the literal vision of this is easy to imagine, if you’re like me, you’ve been stuck on a plane that is sitting at the gate or on the runway and not moving and feeling of anxiousness just builds.  for me, it was literally today 😦  metaphorically, i think you know where i’m going…but just in case, i’ll spell it out.  teachers trap kids daily and is saddens me.  bright kids are placed into situations where they can’t move, physically and/or intellectually, and what makes it doubly worse is that the learning isn’t going anywhere.  so i guess the magic occurs when teachers find ways to allow their students to stretch their legs and move the plane.

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One response to “my window seat

  1. karen vanek

    May 5, 2009 at 10:29 am

    You are so right about the saddness of kids being trapped by teachers locked inside their boxes of safe routines and total control. In fact, I’m in a master’s class with a high school teacher who wanted to try “student choice” in classroom activities. The sad part was that after the initial survey, she made them journal daily about what she had picked for them to do. She basically disregarded their input and directed them to areas where she felt safe. One day a spontaneous soccer game broke out and she was miffed. Well, what’d ya expect? I w0ndered. Then I suggested she use the soccer game format as a vocabulary game for them. Oh, no. She couldn’t think of that. So many suggestions I made, like theres were shot down. Well, it’s no wonder he action research didn’t yield the results for which she hoped. Yet, she can’t see it.
    Her boxed in blinders keep her safe, yet smother out learning in her room. So learning’s going no where, and she’s blaming those bad kids.


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