dan with no plan

09 May

i’ve recently finished a string of five marathons is five months and i’ve found myself in bit of a conundrum, i have no running direction. after being so careful about when i run and how i run in order to train, rest and recover (not in that order) i find myself without a plan. the marathon season in texas has all but drawn to a close and with the season not starting up again until the late fall i have to make some decisions regarding what my goals are going to be and how best to work towards those over the summer months. i fear losing my focus and maintaining, thus being ill prepared to train later. my professional life is no diffferent. it’s not good enough to tread water, so to speak, with no goals and it’s a heck of a lot easier to do it at work. at least in running there is an event to work towards and then the sense of accomplishment, or failure 😦 , when its all over, but work doesn’t always have those easily identifiable benchmarks. in an attempt to balance our lives it’s easy to fall into a run and simply punch the clock and go home to focus on other matters. truth be told, i fear losing my edge at work as well. perhaps that is why i torture my team members when i ask them to try a new tool or get a new password. perhaps that is why i changed grade levels and schools somewhat frequently when i was teaching. perhaps that is why my lessons only had a general resemblance to each other from year to year. if you’ve ever seen the movie shawshank redemption you might remember a phrase they used ‘get busy living or get busy dying’ and aside from the hyperbole of that statement i think that about sums it up.

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