transparency and connectedness

10 May

two words that seemed to be all the rage during election season, but have since been put back in the vault where we put terms that only make sense to use when we are defending ideas that we soon forget. i was reading a blog that i subscribe to when i came across this quote…

Ever since the day I wrote my first blog post and received a comment, I knew that learning in public had huge potential. That was over 4 years ago. Today I’m one of those who has embraced a lifestyle of learning that is founded on transparency and connectedness.

how true.  the phrase ‘learning in isolation’ doesn’t seem right on any front. who is going to argue the being transparent and connected is a bad thing?  educators rarely practice what they preach, and the more complex the constructs become the harder it becomes to champion a practice they we have never engaged in.  can you really expect your students to read blogs and glean insight if you have never done so yourself?  if you aren’t working collaboratively with your colleagues can you really be in touch with asking your students to do the same?

it feels like i slip into this accusatory role in my blog more time than i would prefer.  i would hope that i’m able to phrase my thoughts in a more introspective view in terms of looking at our current practices than simply casting dispersions on teachers.

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