million dollar ideas

11 May

doesn’t it seem like several million dollar ideas are simply taking something used by the masses and making it safe for younger users or a more conservative minded audience? Youtube = Teachertube. same deal, just a different level of moderation and gate keeping, ditto with email services, blogs, wikis, etc. name a webtool and there is a kid/teacher/family friendly version ready to roll. well a blog i read just mentioned a good one that has me thinking. is exactly what it sounds like, a pair with a problem post their sides of the argument and let the public cast their votes as well as weigh in with commentary. it’s writing, it’s argumentation, it’s logic, it connects, it’s brilliant. it’s also not exactly ready for an 8 year old arguing about which hello kitty notebook is the best. so where is my kid friendly version? where is the site that teachers can send their students to have the world connect to the students in their classroom? is this the part where i unveil my site? keep waiting. however, if i knew web design and had a server/resources…i’d be all over it. after all, what better bragging rights would a kid have than, the world said i was right?

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