confession of a checker

12 May

when my son came home yesterday to tell me there were 12 days of school left i felt a small pang of sadness inside. nothing sentimental like my son finishing his first year of school or anything ‘silly’ like that. being my first year out of the classroom i realized that i miss the countdown; i miss having checklists and turning items in and getting initials; i miss collecting and turning in the many and varied items that signaled the end of another year. i miss the tangible closure. being a 12 month employee i won’t get to have that anymore. i was thinking more about it today and i realized something…i’m a checker. i enjoy closure and all indications are i may never have that in my current position and maybe that is a good thing. while i enjoyed turning in my keys and lists and closing off my room the reality was i would come back in 10 weeks and relive it all again, so was there really the closure i thought? furthermore, its not like the kids i taught walked out and never came back to visit, so my relationships with my students didn’t end either. looking at what i’m doing now it seems more of a never-ending-story if you will. the emphasis on follow up, job embedded professional learning and professional growth don’t allow the same thing all over again, and while i enjoy closure i abhor the monotony of doing the same thing over and over again which is perhaps why i was prone to change schools, grades, etc. so no more end of the year checklists for me. for now, i’ll have to settle on checking off items on a meeting agenda to get my fix.

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One response to “confession of a checker

  1. Heather Tate

    May 15, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    I am a checklist person too. I started counting the days down until the last day of school on my whiteboard the day after holiday break. I would collect the textbooks early and be one of the first ones to have everything done on the end of school year checkout checklist in my school, like it was a game or competition. What I did not like to do was tearing everything down off my walls and pack everything away, to just put it right back up in three months. What is up with that??
    My first year out of the classroom, all I had to do was organize a desk and office, and this year, it is a cube. It’s getting smaller and smaller. Next year, maybe I will be in a cardboard box… He he


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