i’m a sandwich guy

15 May

and is that so wrong?  i feel it stigmatizes me in someway to say that my preferred mode of lunch is the hand held variety. it just seems so pedestrian and ordinary. maybe it is due to my east coast roots, after all my entire family is from new york and i’m sure the deli played a role (or roll?) in their lives early and often. i even like seltzer, and if you know what i’m talking about you might want to check your family tree for deli types as well. the idea of indulging in a somewhat ordinary lunch doesn’t concern me. i went to college at one of the largest universities in the country, i don’t mind being ordinary. in fact i enjoy being a number, really. i think at the root of it all i dislike putting myself in a category. i recently went through a similar metacognitive dilemma when i realized i am a visual learner. i don’t like labels, except maybe if they are telling you what is in the “turkey gobbler” on a particular sandwich shop. i don’t the idea of being one thing and giving up all the other parts of me that might be something else, but people find comfort in putting people, ideas, items, etc. in their place and having a bit of order in a somewhat orderless world. i get it, i just don’t like it.

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