what’s different?

15 May

i’ve always thought malcolm gladwell was brilliant, but his work in the tipping point has never been so real as it has been recently…at least as it pertains to me and my small spheres of influence at work. why the shift to technology now? what precipitated the seemingly instant embrace everyone around the district has with technology? the need has been around. the tools have been around. the call to action has been around, but they all seem a bit louder and more obvious to everyone. gladwell talks about a building that takes place until the proverbial avalanche begins and there is no stopping the tip from happening and i’m grateful that i have come into my department during the tip, but i can’t help but to wonder how it got to this point. what was happening over the past few years that started the shift? what is different now? who should be credited with shifted the mindset of those who weren’t willing to see the writing on the wall? everyone had a moment, and i’m not sure we can pin point when it was or even what it was, that gave them a different understanding of this particular topic. wouldn’t it be great if we could all identify it? if we could share and celebrate that time when we started to see the landscape of education and technology a little different? or does that sound a little to “chicken soup for the digital soul” -ish?

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One response to “what’s different?

  1. Heather Tate

    May 15, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    I believe that the moving force for me was not allowing my students/children to continue to surpass me and leave me alone in my technological ignorance just because I was unwilling to learn.


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