no snake oil here

25 May

its no easy task to craft the perfect argument and i feel like that might be what i’m gearing up for on june10th.  like everyone in my group, technology seems to be consuming us recently, but it’s not in the way you might guess.  in the face of so many reasons to not embrace the ease and innovation that technological tools can bring us,  i am finding it difficult to gear up for all the “yes, but” moments that our technology mini conference may bring.  on the one hand, why would someone sign up for a 2 day technology focused professional learning event just to show up and talk about why these things cannot be done but stranger things have been known to happen.  i’m trying to prep myself by running through all the possible barriers that might be brought to light but in this case the best defense may be a good offense.  in thinking about how we roll out these tools and the messages we send early, and often, we might be able to head some of this off at the pass.  doesn’t it stand to reason that if we can highlight the invaluable aspects of these tools and really build the desire to make them a part of the classroom then our job may be done?  that is why i believe that so much hinges on the “wow” factor.  what is going to be done in our breakout sessions in the first ten minutes (brain rules anyone?) that is going to give you not only the right to be heard but also hook the audience and allow them to see the concrete possibilities for their classrooms and also the limit possibilities that exist when these tools are used appropriately?  the countdown is officially on, and one way or another my questions are going to be answered in a short 21 days.  i have no magic answers, or special catch phrases that are guaranteed to work and win the crowds over, we’re just going to have to bank on their vision and ability to see what can be done.

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