miserable job

26 May

i broke down and found/bought/read lencioni’s book regrading miserable jobs.  i’ve blogged about several of his other books as well and this one was very different.  where his previous installments (although i’m not reading them in any sort of order) seem to focus on a more corporate business culture, this one has wider implications of why people don’t like their job.  without going into his whole theory, which is surprisingly brief with only 3 main points, i want to talk about something he asserts regarding measurables.  the idea behind using measurables is to be able to gauge how you are doing, instant feedback that you can manage; indicators of sorts that would help you know what you’ve accomplished.  measurables are great, lord knows education is full of measurables, even if we tend to over-measure and/or focus on measuring the wrong things.  the part that has me thinking is the idea of the absence of measurables makes it impossible to know how you are doing.  my problem probably stems out of the idea that not all data needs to be quantitative and i think that is where this theory takes us.  i think its possible to qualitatively tell if your job is going well, but i realize that’s soft in the eyes of many.  boiling everything down to numbers is dangerous and can sometimes paint an inaccurate picture.  i’m sure the author would tell me that i’m focusing on the wrong measurables if this were the case.  i found his other points a bit more valid, but at the risk of “ruining” an interesting read…

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