upon not having ‘friends’

26 Jun

a bit of history about seth godin and myself, although i’m sure it sounds like i am going to launch into a story about how i met him nothing could be further from the truth.  he is the author of a book that i am incapable of finishing, but continue to read.  perhaps it’s the format, but i’ve blogged about his book ‘tribes’ before.  i added his blog to my google reader a while back and then removed it after i found reading it was unremarkable and somewhat generic.  not sure why, but i added his blog again and his recent posts have been nothing short of genius.  i have found his observations over the past 2 weeks spot on, his post from this week being no exception.  godin delineates the difference between ‘friends’ and ‘friendlies’, which is a necessary line to draw given the number to tech tools that we accept others as ‘friends’.  i remember having a few dilemmas regarding clicking the accept button on a few people that i was reluctant grant the status of ‘friend’.  i got over it, but in doing so (upon reflection) i feel i have diminished the term from the status which it once held in my mind.  furthermore, on a site like facebook i have friends who can view all of me, my entire profile and then others who i limit in some way and have control of what parts me they have access to which seems wrong in someways.  perhaps it is my failing that i held the term ‘friend’ in such high regard, after all i speak to people all the time that enjoy exaggerating their relationships with others in an effort to project a closeness that may not exist to…what?  seem more important?  gain status my close association?  so i guess its time to look for other terms, to define my relationships with those around me using terms and phrases other than ‘friend’ because the cyberworld has taken that one from me.

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