fish, gung ho & plans for a mashup

02 Jul

over the past few days i read FISH and GUNG HO!  in many ways its the same book with different action plans to the same end.  both feature a female executive who are charged with saving a much maligned work place and seek help from an unlikely source who ends up teaching her secrets/plans/systems.  i’ll be honest, i read fish in one day and then started gung ho the next and i found myself getting the two books confused, which made for some funny realizations when i realized i was mixing them up.  i can’t say they were my favorite reads, but i did find parts of each of interest.   both focus on an unproductive, but more importantly, unhappy workplace which i don’t find myself a part of, so i had some trouble related to the context of both stories.

in a seemingly unrelated note (you’ll see the connection soon) i stumbled across shelfari, which is a virtual bookshelf – here’s mine.  i decided to feature only the books i’ve read that relate to the professional work i do and on my run yesterday i realized it was time for a little synthesis.  i’m not looking for commonalities in the books, rather, i’m looking for ways in which the rules of one book can be applied to the situation in another.  i’ve got 14 books on the shelf now and i’m ready to patch them all together, but it’s going to take a bit of time to sort it out.  i look forward to the post.

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