Who has pull?

12 Jul

I’m reading Unstuck right now and an interesting question came up, that being where does the power lie? There are clearly those who have power by title but the book asserts that tapping into those that have power regardless of rank is an important asset. So it got me thinking about what the answers would be in our division if we asked people who were the people who weilded that power? I’m not sure that is a question that even needs to be asked, as actions speak louder than words. All we have to do watch and see who the go to people are, not those that the managers necessarily go to but who lots of people go to.

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One response to “Who has pull?

  1. Jeri

    July 16, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    Sharon Koonce has major power. But it’s not always in your face so it is goes unrecognized. Just this week , folks are still smiling about how she moved a seemingly immovable mountain with her elegant style and quiet spirit. MAJOR POWER! Much can be learned from this exceptional leader who wields her power so unobtrusively.


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