what are you learning to do?

24 Jul

on my run a few days ago i was thinking about learning to do something new, i was thinking about something specific, but i’ll leave that for another time.  what my thought then branched out to, as i have a tendency of doing, was to imagine what the answer would be if i asked my colleagues what they were learning to do?  i started to think about specific answers that people might give.  i wondered if they would choose something that would surprise us (my vision has us sitting in a circle…don’t ask) and catch us off guard or if that answers would be soft, as in something they really weren’t passionate about but made the decision to learn because their job required it or they felt they had to.  so i guess learning can be looked at in two categories – learning we want to do and learning we have to do.  i think we all know where most students would say their learning falls and likewise what most teachers that we work with would say.  either way, i think that a person who is going to engage a group in learning needs to be in the midst of learning themselves (hopefully not the same content though).  its easy to forget the struggle that people go through as they learn.

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One response to “what are you learning to do?

  1. Jeri

    July 24, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    I am trying to really hunker down and learn to speak Spanish fluently. My dad, paternal grandfather and uncles spoke it beautifully like natives–along with learning the language, I want to learn more about the various spanish cultures. An upcoming trip is my catalyst for making it happen this year.

    Also–I want to learn to play golf. My non-profit puts on a golf tournament every year–I thought it would be cool if I could have my own team in 2010 and win the ladies division.

    These are just two things–I have a host of others. Kind of my own bucket list.


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