when ice cream becomes too much ice cream

31 Jul

when does the see saw tip from ‘something great’ to ‘a bit too much of something great’?  we all sit down and start eating dessert, but eventually, if there is enough of it, we will have had enough of it.  maybe its the antithesis of the tipping point that malcom gladwell describes but in this case instead of creating some sort of unstoppable momentum, a massive contraction follows.  i’ve been, in many ways, a singular individual at work this week.  the rest of my team is out of the office or working on special projects.  if you had spoken to me on tuesday or wednesday last week i would have gushed about how much i was getting done and how great this prep time has been or how much i’m going to look back and say ‘i needed this time’ before one of the busy seasons begin.  if you ask me today (which since you’re reading this…) i’ll tell you i’m ready to have my team back.  its not that i miss them so much, although they’re lovely individuals, its that there comes a time where you are ready, and i say ‘ready’ but hold a variety of meanings.  without going into all the different types of ready, suffice it to say that i have a very short shelf life in many, many respects of my life.  i need/crave/seek/appreciate/demand change in what i do and this just seems to be one instance, in a long and honorable tradition, that i find myself saying ‘what’s next?’

*quick note:  i’ve enjoyed some new readership and commentorship (not a word) to my blog – so if anyone is, indeed, out there and knows anything about hosting podcasts on iTunesU let me know.  right now i’m forumlating a plan, but certain there’s a better way.  cheers.


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2 responses to “when ice cream becomes too much ice cream

  1. R Sheinberg

    July 31, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    During the month of July Cube spaces 2nw04A-F (known as the annex) has been failry quiet save for Cubes D and B- where the berg’s reside respectively. It was good when 2NW04 A,C, and F returned as traditionally D and B are not the conversationalist of the annex and D and B can go for hours without making so much as a sound. (Are you alive in there?) It will be good when 2NWE returns Monday as the full annex will be in house and that buzz of energy returns from each of us. Wait a minute, for the next three weeks each of us will be running at break-neck speed learning, collaborating, presenting, and supporting our colleagues all over the district. How exciting it will be when we return and hear the stories. Can’t wait to read the blogs.

  2. texasbuckeye

    August 5, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    rebecca – i realize its not feasible, but wouldn’t it have been cool if ppl had blogged when they were gone, so instead of asking “what did you do” we could have deeper/better conversations about vacation experiences? at least those experiences that ppl wanted to share 😉


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