06 Aug

i had the pleasure of hearing Pedro Noguera speak today as the keynote of the last day of leadership and i wasn’t disappointed.  he came and spoke not so long ago and i was unable to attend but my colleagues raved about him and i can see why.  noguera makes a great presentation and is a gifted speaker, i can imagine there were several administrators that were inspired by what he said and how he said it.  he was right on when he said changing the culture of the school makes the different and administrators are who enact that change in many cases.  my take = while what he said wasn’t new, the message has been around and the problems he described have been festering for a while, what made him so powerful is what he was armed with and that REAL live proof, qualitative/quantitative data, real stories with a real purpose.  it’s not enough to sound the horn and point fingers, if you are addressing a group you need to have research that backs it up and those are the kind of stories that don’t always get smiles, but usually always get the ‘knowing nod’.  i found it interesting that something he said directly echoed something Phil Schlechty said yesterday and that is the young people have the need to belong, noguera went on to say gangs provide this as well as security while schlechty went on to talk about the companion piece of young people wanting to be part of something bigger than themselves, which oddly also would qualify in the conversation of joining gangs.  i thought he was dead on when he described cemetery schools which line kids up in rows and keep them as still as possible. ha!  lastly, noguera made a great point about kids learning from teachers who teach performance such as theater, athletics, etc.  in these disciplines its not enough to know the content, you have to perform.  good stuff, really.  there was a bit of a throng around him afterwards so i did not have the opportunity to stop and thank him for his time and impassioned speech.  in light of recent events, perhaps it was best that i just filed out the room 🙂

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  1. Jeri cook

    August 6, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    What I appreciated about DrNoguera was his connection with reality and simplifying what we complicate. His personal history lends credibility and validates the promise that all children have value and the destiny of birth should never hinder potential or possibilities. I didn’t see him this time around but his visit last spring has remained engrained in my mind and heart.


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