the busy season begins

11 Aug

professional development’s version of march madness kicked off today with our team in all corners of the district delivering campus based trainings. i can understand why someone would say its tough to keep focused on the moment, given the juggling that has to occur of materials, sites, teachers and trainings.  its almost as if the concerns of what’s to come can overwhelm what is happening…but can it serve to focus?  lots of people like to be busy, you can count me among them.

completely unrelated…i’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea that people only get what they can handle, sometimes you hear that phrase used in the spiritual or religious sense, but for my purposes i’ll leave it secular, and i’ll also say that i don’t buy it.  with so many examples of people who absolutely can’t handle what they are given (see kurt cobain for an obvious example) how that this be such a widely embraced theory?  i think there are lots of ways people deal with the tough hands that life deals, personally i haven’t found a phrase or mantra that gets me through them.  i make my way through the tough times in my life with as much determination as i can muster, certainly not taking for granted that better times await but i’m usually hopeful.  with lots going on personally and professionally i have really had to do my best to leave somethings in my car when i come in to work each day.  i can understand why a person could feel paralyzed to take care of their professional concerns due to the other aspects in their life.

looking foward to meeting lots of new people this week and enjoying the process as best i can.

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