its not about replacement…necessarily

17 Aug

bill ferriter gets it, flat out, there is just no other way to say it.  i feel like each time he tries to verbalize his stance, generally in response to a conversation or post by a friend he continually hit the target.  in his post today he responds to a friend who says they would rather spend class time with “face to face, local sense based” and the example of taking her kids to see a play is an example that they talk about.  bill does a quick search and launches into seeing plays online, skyping in theater professors, recording your own, voicethreading and getting feedback, etc.  i think his best point is that some people CAN’T take their kids to the theater and technology is the ONLY way to get them there.  he’s dead on when he says technology doesn’t have to be the first option, but it needs to BE an option and not dismissed out of hand.  really good stuff, give it a read you won’t be sorry.

i suppose i’ll call this post ‘in homage to bill ferriter’ because he pointed me to a relatively new feature on google called wonder wheel.  go ahead and do a simple search on any topic, when your search results come up, above the first result you will see a little plus sign with a hotlink reading “Show options…”. click it and then from the menu that appears on the right select ‘Wonder wheel’.  all of a sudden you have search results for people like me.  go ahead and click on one of the arms and it expands your search in a different direction, or maybe that should be refines your search?  at any rate, for visual folks like me its great.

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One response to “its not about replacement…necessarily

  1. R Sheinberg

    August 20, 2009 at 11:26 am

    Wow! Very cool. I followed your directions and even I was able to access the link! This is a great tool for ESL/ELL. I don’t think there is a classroom in America that doesn’t teach the web and this will aid the visual learner greatly. I love it!


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