Back to the grind

29 Aug

After 10 days away from the cube I’m back with a fresh set of exciting experiences and some new perspective as well. I challenge anyone to spend time around in the rocky mts and not see how small some things truly are, more on that some other time. I’m in the airport and have purchased the obligitory readings material, this time I’ve gone with Scientific American Mind. ( mental note, post regarding my thoughts on reading immunity while on trips…). There is a great article that sums up a current study at Cal Berkley that says confident outspoken people are viewed as more intelligent than those who do not speak up regardless of the correctness of their answers and commentary. Intersting stuff from a couple of angles. Firstly, what does this have to do with those who lead professional learning? Is it not just good enough to know it, you have to present it with conviction? How does the idea of “deep pockets of knowldege” factor in to this situation? Secondly, what does this mean to the way teachers view their soft spoken students? Loads of behaviorists, including the likes of Carol Dweck, tell us that the way we percieve a given situation will often dictate how we treat those around us (apologies in advance to Dr Dweck if I am misconstruing your work). We all know people who talk a good game, the trick may be in putting perceptions to the test and looking at products, not just perceived realities.

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