i volunteer

21 Sep

i don’t know why the idea of working remotely was on my mind this weekend but i started to think about all the talk i’ve heard and all the great tools that we’ve found in preparation for the day that we might be able to work remotely, if not the entire day, just the first few hours.  the longer we wait to give this a shot, the more suspect the idea is going to be.  so i’ve decided to volunteer to be a guinea pig on this one.  i’ll even go undercover.  how many times do you stop by a cube and not find the person there, or see a note that they are in a conference room in the building somewhere.  email me, skype me, call me, text me…communicate with me any way you are used to (or not used to at this point) but i’ll “be there” as much as the next person.  with the exception of having a meeting on the calendar, what is the necessity of face to face?  put me in coach, i’m ready to go.

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One response to “i volunteer

  1. Janice D.

    October 13, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    Working remotely wouldn’t really work for me because of all the work I have to do at home like attend to my kids, clean-up, iron and cook. But then if they were all in school and no one at home to bother me then maybe it would work. But then there’s the TV and my nice fluffy bed — hard to resist sometimes….will take a lot of will power on my part.


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