it shouldn’t bother me

21 Sep

something came up at a marathon meeting this morning and my reaction is only partly due to the fact that i was hungry.  here is the note i scribbled down after someone made a comment regarding their performance on something or other…

“why is getting an answer correct and/or quickly make people say we’re gifted?  i think it shows a very narrow view, at best, or a complete lack of understanding, at worst, of the nature of gifted individuals”

not terribly nice, i realize, but i’m tired of hearing the phrase thrown out there as if it were some cute remark.  a friend of mine mentioned something along this same line at lunch today and shared with me that someone had told her that using the term gifted in that way only adds fuel to the fire in making the term seem elitist.  wise words.  would someone EVER say something incorrect and then  call themselves the IEP group?  or worse?  we spend lots of time talking about the idea of respect in this profession but sometimes find ourselves perpetuating stereotypes.

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One response to “it shouldn’t bother me

  1. Janice D.

    October 13, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    Now I know not to make that comment 🙂 But I guess people use the phrase – “you’re G/T” from the observations they’ve made in their classrooms with regards to how quickly a typical G/T kid can think of answers and finish his/her work.


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