the joys of enduring

22 Sep

there are lots of experiences we have to/choose to/ need to endure in order to enjoy the feeling we get when it’s over.  that is one of the main reasons i started, and continue to, run.  the running part is tough at times and isn’t always the most enjoyable part of my day, but the feeling of accomplishment i get when i finish can’t be replaced.  plus, let’s face it just the feeling of stopping is great too!  walking in to work in an awful downpour – same thing.  with or without an umbrella it’s not much fun to get out of your car and make your way around puddles trying to shield to most important parts of you and what you’re carrying.  but now that i’ve been in my cozy cube for 15 minutes and i’m all dried out, it’s kind of nice to listen to the rain storm raging outside while i enjoy the relative comfort of the indoors.  i realize that we are all told that we have to endure some aspects of life because “it will make us stronger”, but this isn’t the same idea that i’m hashing out here.  i’m talking about the scope of your own enjoyment for the sake of a little discomfort.  looking back at my examples, if i wasn’t to ever run, stopping running wouldn’t be possible and it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable simply not running at all.   likewise, i like the idea of being inside while it rains, but having to endure it for 20 seconds while i make my way into the building makes me appreciate the indoors a bit more.

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