who doesn’t have email?

24 Sep

students, that’s who!  i have had two very productive problem solving sessions this week.  the first was to figure out the best way for students to blog with their students when their students don’t have email accounts.  long story short, it turns out edublogs uses a gmail workaround but it takes quite a bit of work on the front end.  edublogs uses a wordpress layout so it’s not the easiest to navigate.  the easiest tool to use is pbwiki or wikispaces.  they make creating logins a snap and you can create the password as well.  obviously wikis don’t share the same functions as blogs but it certainly is worth mentioning, especially how you can place threaded discussion widgets on wikis should you choose.  my second fun problem to solve was in regards to vuvox, which has interested me for a while and i finally had the opportunity to make use of it while designing an online module.  it’s hard to describe, perhaps its best to visit and sort it out for yourself but it is a great visual tool that can be used a couple of different ways.  in may case, it was about the foundations of differentiation.

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