THAT guy is hanging around

26 Oct

it seems i was a bit ahead of the curve around the cubes with my last posting because it seems like all week we have had the conversation about THAT guy and what it means to our sessions.  this post by ASCD has fueled my thoughts regarding the customer service aspect of professional development.  do we pay a price for being too nice?  is there really any other way when working with adults?  i feel like teachers are constantly on the look out and as soon as they feel they are being treated like students a full-scale revolt is ready to ensue.  i always think about asking them if they would accept the behavior they are exhibiting but that question is sure to evoke the “i’m not a student” response and then where have we gotten?  i need to find a new way to engage teachers, seriously.  i can’t engage if i don’t see value and that is going to be the challenge i put on myself…helping teachers to see the value of their time spent and the conversation.  wish me luck.  being a half-full kind of guy i’m not sure you want to hear my prognostication of my chances…

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One response to “THAT guy is hanging around

  1. Susan

    November 3, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    Tune in to my last blog to read more about your “That Guy”.


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