don’t sleep on lunch

18 Nov

i was talking to a friend today about the power of lunch in the context of the book study we have been working with in my group.  5 dysfunctions of a team is being visited/discussed by the entire group i work with and we have been talking about conflict and the positive attributes of substantial argumentation.   i agree, and tend to ‘mix it up’ pretty regularly because i enjoy a good discussion and will sometimes find myself taking the contrarian view.  that being said, i feel that if the ONLY time a team spends together is spent having spirited discussion then that becomes the lens by which they view their team.  as adults, we are able to compartmentalize professional and personal conversation; it’s easy to say “that was only work/professional conversation”, but hear me out.  even the most productive arguments involve uncomfortable moments (for me) and while we all know that conversation should be left at the discussion table, wouldn’t it wear on you if the ONLY interaction you had with a group of people was professional discussion/argumentation?  maybe not.  perhaps i’m way off base on this one, but i’m charging forward with this thread…lunch will cure these ills.  even after the most tense of discussions, lunch conversation (which tends to be lightweight for fear of indigestion) allows me to better see the people around me as more than just the professional conversation that we had.  i realize this is just me, and this lunch theory doesn’t apply to everyone else.  other people are very good at simply leaving discussion in the meeting room, however, to me, that is just like imagining that there is more to a person than you really know.  if you don’t engage in other discussion past the work, then you really have no idea what this person is about.  right?  i suppose there is nothing wrong with giving credit to the people you work with for having a life that extends beyond the workplace and choosing not to engage them in conversation about it.  we all have to eat, why not do it together and gain a well rounded understanding of the people you work with?  perhaps i need to branch out?  i tend to lunch with the same group each day and unless i see other people in the lunch room or in the break room then i haven’t had the chance to widen my understanding of my team.  i sense lunch invitations forthcoming…

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One response to “don’t sleep on lunch

  1. Janice D.

    November 19, 2009 at 11:21 am

    I do enjoy eating out with my team for the obvious reason that they’re funny and retarded 🙂 but I also like eating out with other people. Just this week, because of the DIP, I’ve learned a lot about our new prospective trainer – Rebecca. And I do agree with you how much you can learn about a person just over lunch — you should hear her story — it’s really interesting!


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