professional learning and winter break

03 Jan

am i the only one who looked forward to learning over the winter break?  how many of us told a colleague that we were looking forward to catching up on reading?  do you feel like you have to read professional books just to grow as an educator?  i had the good fortune of reading a few books over winter break.  i was pleasantly surprised to learn that dan pink had a manga side when i read johnny bunko, i was a bit disappointed to read another book of cliches in peaks and valleys, and i am currently thoroughly enjoying looking at leaderless organizations in the starfish and the spider.  another book i read was called iconoclasts – which talked about individuals that did something that others thought was once impossible.  while individuals played a role in showing an examples, it was more about the ways in which people are wired that dictate whether they have the vision and understanding to make a significant change.  i immediately thought about some of the best teachers that i had as a student, teachers that were my colleagues and teachers i now follow in my PLN.  there are amazing things that happen in classrooms and it has everything to do with teachers that don’t let prior limitations stop them, particularly when it comes to innovation and reaching students…i would throw use of technology in there as well.  i don’t go in to every book looking for ways to apply it to what i do for a job, but i find it nearly impossible to consider an idea without looking for possible ways it transfers.

today also got me thinking about neglecting my blog over the winter break and that was somewhat intentional.  i didn’t do much work over break and my professional blog has everything to do with building in time for me to reflect on my professional practice.  winter break was more about logging miles, reading books and being lazy/watching football…generally in that order.  with the exception of an ankle sprain that i suffered on january1st (happy new year, right?) i’m happy to say i was successful in indulging in all three 🙂

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