13 Jan

seth godin is brilliant, in my estimation, for several reasons.  the most reason reason being his method for releasing his latest book.  for a set donation to a charity of his choice i was able to receive an advanced copy of his latest book ‘linchpin’.  the donation was roughly the price of a book that i would have bought anyway and it makes me feel charitable…cheers seth 🙂  as far as the book itself, godin has an interesting way of writing and while reading tribes i wasn’t able to put my finger on it, the book just worked well for reading in short bursts.  i didn’t give it much thought past that, however after starting linchpin and thinking a bit more about it, it seems to me that each entry he writes sort of stands on its own and i could see his book being a collection of blog postings as much as a book.  don’t get me wrong, they work well together but i wonder if that is a commentary on literacy in 2010.  perhaps i’ve conditioned myself to read in short bursts like i find in time magazine or blogs that i read.  the book itself is interesting and certainly food for thought.  am i indispensable?  what do linchpins do and how does that change the way jobs that look like glorified automation function?  good stuff.

our team had a little foray into the myers briggs test and after it was all said and done i left thinking about a silly question i used to ask my students: would you rather win an olympic medal as an individual or as part of a team.  hands down, my answer is team.  i don’t like the spotlight, but i thoroughly enjoy when i find myself part of a team that achieves excellence.  i suppose it could have to do with having someone else to share the experience with, but i’m not sure my reasons would skew so touchy-feely.  i just like being part of a ‘well oiled machine’ to use the cliche.  i’m not sure what part of the myers briggs test got me thinking in this way, but i believe a persons answer to that question about the olympic medal says something about them.

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