failing to prepare is preparing to fail

18 Jan

it’s not brain surgery: when people don’t properly prepare for a situation/class/activity/etc. why are so many people surprised when things don’t work out for them?  it goes far beyond hoping for the best, i think that at times it become borderline delusional.  i ran the houston marathon this weekend and due to several factors, including a bout of laziness and a late training injury, the day was considerably harder than it would have been if i had trained properly.  i use my running as an example of the following type of reflective thought…if i had done my due diligence and prepared the right way and came up short it would have been disheartening.  that wasn’t the case.  i didn’t do what i should have and during the late stages of the race i paid for it.  immediately afterwards, when i was able to get my wits about me and exit from “survivial mode” it was clear that my failure to prepare is what put me in the situation i found myself.  this general rule translates to professional situations as well.  when a session or class doesn’t go well, is it because of circumstances that we didn’t have any control over, or does it have something to do with the circumstances we failed to attend to when we were preparing?

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