04 Feb


Well, this that out of the way…it took me about halfway through the book for it to really start to think in.  pink talks lots about autonomy and mastery and it was the autonomy part that really hit home and got me thinking about how much i have in my job.  of the four areas he mentions, i grade out pretty well:

task: i’m middle of the road on this one – i enjoy a good balance of what i am told to do and what i am able to come up with on my own 🙂  i can’t help but to think of all the people who talk about ideating (spelling?) like seth godin in some of his work.

time: this is the area that ranks lowest on the autonomy level for me.  for the most part, i’m told when to be here and when to leave.  there is some flexibility, but not enough to really make this aspect of what i do autonomous, but i do understand the reasoning which makes it easy to understand.  if i thought the reasons were arbitrary i might have more issue with this…but i don’t.

technique: lots of autonomy here.  i am blessed with a team leader who allows me lots of freedom in terms of how the work gets done, provided the quality is high and the product is up to snuff.  good stuff.

team: similar to technique, when given a task i have the autonomy to find those people that would best help me accomplish my goal for the task.  i guess the limiting factor is that i am confined to those who work around me, but i imagine that would be true of any office, right?  or perhaps, as the brick and mortar buildings start to melt away, teams have many more possibilities and perhaps that is my fault for not always tapping into other networks.

i’d like to talk more about the ideas in the book, but this is what has been swimming around my head the past few days.  i have to say that i am pleased with the way i rank out in these areas.  i wonder what i can do to change the areas i am not totally satisfied with?  is it even under my control to do so?

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