09 Feb

when i run fast i’m not able to think. well, think in terms of reflecting and pondering…usually the only thinking i’m doing during intervals are more of a ‘keeping it moving’ type of thinking. oddly enough, i very quickly considered this today during an interval! i didn’t get much farther on it but i knew i wanted to blog about it later. before i make the connection to my work, i think its worth stating that while i am unable to let my mind wander during a fast workout, during a tempo workout (which i guess could be described as comfortably uncomfortable) i am able to let my mind wander. in fact, i think i could judge my running fitness by the progress in terms of how fast i can run and still let my mind wander. so where are these speeds at work? when am i so busy i just can’t think straight? when am i comfortably fast? i think most people enjoy a day that moves along briskly enough, but that pace isn’t the same for everyone. i’m still reading drive by dan pink and he interviewed csíkszentmihályi so he talks lots about flow and i never considered it in terms of how fast i was moving. i know that while in flow you can lose track of time, but i don’t remember anything about how quickly the pace of the work is.

on an unrelated thought – what if someone worked for hours at home just so they could keep a leisurely pace and pursue other work related interests while at work. early disclaimer: i’m not doing this. i was just thinking.

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