22 Feb

just began dan and chip heath’s latest book switch.  i’m just 22 pages in, but i’m a fan.  i think that it’s easy to tell early on if a book is right for you at the time you are reading it.  this one fits.  perhaps it has to do with the massive change going on all around me or perhaps it has to do with my recent read by seth godin, linchpin.  their second ‘surprise’ about change really has me wound up – it says that what looks like laziness is often exhaustion.  until reading this opening section, i never considered self control as an exhaustible resource, but it makes loads of sense.  we’ve all been worn down by ourselves at times but we see it as a weakness or as a quality lacking, not a lacking amount.  what has me thinking is this – how do we build a greater capacity for self control?  if we accept that it is a resource that can be work down, how to build up more short of taking a break?  which leads me to my next question…is self control like a rechargeable battery?  how long does it take to reset/recharge so that we are back to full strength?  i have had some crumby rechargeable batteries in my life and it seems like they have a finite number or recharges until they are completely worthless.  here’s to hoping that is not the case with us.  i digress.  when i consider my current situation, the self control seems to be spent holding our curiosities inside.  the information isn’t flowing freely and it takes just about all most of us can muster to suppress the questions and concerns that nobody seems willing/able to answer ans assuage right now.  so in my case, its not that lots of people don’t care about the massive change going on around us, its just that all the energy spent trying to not worry about it has worn us out.  i like it.  more importantly, i think it’s dead on.

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