it’s not about being better

12 Mar

a recent post from ASCD has me going this morning.  apparently tom welch unleashed pure genius on the group as released a very ‘on point’ message regarding school reform.  it drives me crazy when we spend too much time trying to modify the banana to make a bigger and better banana with more banana-like features when in fact what we need is a grapefruit.  no amount of time refurbishing one thing (banana) can create the solution (grapefruit) that we need.  it just drives me crazy.  it seems like at some point in a brilliant conversation, someone will bring up ‘powers that be’ as the reason the conversation must stop.  testing.  administration.  parent.  summer vacation.  prom.  football season.  heating costs.  pollen level.  wind direction.  spork production.  go ahead and name a reason, throw out some sort of bedrock that just can’t be moved and can’t be changed and you’ve just found a reason not to solve a problem.  so i guess we continue to recreate a wheel when we don’t need a wheel anymore, we need something completely different.  maddening.

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