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22 Mar

as someone who works in the field of professional learning – it seems discussion often turns to our personal reactions to certain situations.  now, i’m not ready to turn my blog into something new and i have no interest in starting a second blog but i have been thinking about starting the a few conversations based upon a ‘what would you do if’ scenario.  there are loads of hypothetical and actual situations that i would like to hear how people would react.

Example:  You’re in a training and you see someone doodling on their folder.  as you get closer you realize that they are drawing a racially/ethnically/religiously/whateverly offensive symbols.  what do you do?  they aren’t shouting them out.  they aren’t showing them to anyone else.  is it your business to step in and say something?  what if the symbols offended you personally?  what if they didn’t?

i don’t think that the answers to tough situations are always easy to come by, and i don’t think that we always have the answers readily available.  the teacher version could be a student or students acting in a certain way.  lots of difficult situations i ran into in the classroom and now in professional development don’t have ‘right’ answers or ways of being dealt with.  it would be useful to have a place to talk about these.

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