the brilliance of the draft

22 Apr

still no certainty professionally, but i’m thinking that its time to relax the ban.  i’m watching the nfl draft and i’m struck on what a brilliant exercise this whole thing is in critical thinking and problem solving.  imagine, if you will, that you are a general manager of a football team and you have to select a player to draft early.  do you pick the best player?  do you pick based upon an area of need on your team?  do you consider the conference they played it?  do you look at the competition they went up against?  does it matter how many years they started?  who played around that may have made them appear better than they are?  did they have no help at all that made them seem worse?  which positions command more money than others? do you rely on the combine results?  do they need to be a leader?  what happens if that player is gone…start asking all the same questions again.  the make it even more confusing, as general manager you may never know how the draft pick turns out for a couple of years.  tough stuff.  real stuff.  think about having a draft of some sort in your classroom and consider not only the reasoning that needs to be employed, but the art of argumentation to justify your reasoning.  who said football isn’t a thinking person’s sport? 🙂

hiring isn’t generally the same thing.  it’s not like a company has to draft players, they simply are looking to fill one place on their roster, right?  what about within organizations?  is it possible that when assignments come in or when positions open up that the powers-that-be do some drafting of their own?  who do you give the assignment to? who do you hire to fill a role?  what skill set do they have?  what other people are on that team?  what is their history with this type of assignment?  what might they be capable of, but have not yet have had the opportunity?

i digress.

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