the democracy of eating skittles

23 Apr

the way i see it there are 2 ways to work a bag of skittles – (1) you are happy with whatever drops in your hand and you pop it in your mouth or (2) you have some sort of systematic way of consuming them.  in fairness, i think it is a bit easier when you are eating them straight out of the bag because there are a finite number that you can hold, thus making the rules of consumption easier if not non-existent.  even if you were to eat the skittles that dropped in your hand systematically you don’t have too many options…

(a) one at a time – low risk, high reward; you know what you’re getting yourself into

(b) color/flavor combination – let’s be honest, i think the color does some sort of jedi mind trick on you to think you are tasting something different, i suspect they all taste the same.  this method presents a faux sense of risk, but in fact it really makes no difference.

while eating them straight out of the bag doesn’t present much opportunity for choice, when you spill them on to the table (or m&m’s, reese’s pieces, etc.) you really are faced with some decisions.  if you go for the one at a time method it’s obvious that you fear the combination on some level.  if you decide to go with a combination which do you choose?  even out the colors?  keep them in some sort of order?  try different combinations in an attempt to create new and ‘fantastic’ flavors (see note above of this fallacy)?

is it even possible to learn something about when you consider the way you eat skittles?  absolutely.  does it reflect some deeper truth about the type of person you are? unlikely, however in a very Seinfeldian way of thinking, i think the small things can be a source of insight as well.

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