long term effects

26 Apr

given my current situation with a reorganization, i’m starting to wonder about the long term effects of keeping people waiting to hear about their job.  obviously, any organization that asks people to wait before tendering a job offer run the risk of that person going elsewhere or finding a job that will give them an answer quicker.  my concerns are what happens to the folks who play the waiting game and remain patient and are eventually rewarded with a position.  has the organization lost the goodwill of the employees?  we talk lots about building up stock with people so that when the relationship takes a hit or something has to be done we have enough stock built up that it isn’t detrimental.  i see the opposite happening all around me.  it seems like a prolonged reorganization can really drain all emotional/professional stock that has been built up.  what happens when that hits zero?  should i be a survivor of what is happening all around me, i’m going to be very interested to see the reactions and the process of settling.  i don’t wish disgruntlement but that doesn’t mean i’m not preparing for what will happen when those who remain (should i be lucky enough to be among them) have some sort of survivor guilt.

maybe i’ll step out of character and find some sort of silver lining…it’s been an interesting gut check.  it has really tested patience for those who aren’t used to exercising it.  i tried.

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One response to “long term effects

  1. Jeri

    April 26, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    The fallout from the waiting game will of course be telling if the enthusiasm for the work wanes. Also telling if some exit early because the suspense was more than they could emotionally or financially manage. But you and I both know that the dynamic Greenberg work ethic will prevail and the essence of who you are will rule the day. You’ll thrive and thrash again with satisfaction.

    Expect survivor’s guilt–it is inevitable if you have a heart. But the predicted unbelievable volume of work will garner your attention and the work will bury the bad taste in your mouth as you churn out some of your best work ever.

    In time, all of this will be a dull memory and you will have stories to tell. Survivor stories. And if you stay in this place you can count on the next reorg/reduction in force–it is inevitable. And trust me, folks will be waiting with anticipation to hear your story. And it will be an interesting one.


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