over training

28 Apr

what is the teaching equivalent of over training?  marathon runners will sometimes find themselves with nagging injuries, colds, lack of motivation, etc. when they are over doing their training.  i wonder if teachers find themselves in the same situation…dealing with too much of a necessary practice.  there is no way to avoid preparation if you want to deliver when it counts, but like running, teachers need to know when to say when.  the same list above can be seen in teachers who just don’t know when to leave the campus at night or when to stop grading as the rest of the house is sleeping.  i’m all for taking care of your responsibilities, but there comes a point where it is healthier (on several levels) to put the papers down and do something you enjoy.  dealing with the detriments of working hard is hard to wrap your mind around sometimes, but necessary to recognize if you want to perform at your best.

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